Doctor of Chiropractic

Business Program for DC Students

National University's business program gives you the confidence and real-world skills to succeed in what you want to do and what you need to do in today's health care marketplace.

Business Program Overview

When you graduate from National University of Health Sciences, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in managing your own private chiropractic practice. You'll also learn of the many types of career choices in the chiropractic profession and how to find the right fit for you.

Instructors in our Ethical Practice Management Program are successful doctors and experts in various fields who know the practical and real demands of the professional world. To be effective in your career, you need to be both an excellent practitioner and a knowledgeable business person.

At the end of your business studies at National University, you will develop a real business plan for your chiropractic practice. You will present your plan to a banking officer who, along with your professors, will give you guidance on how to improve your chances for success. Most of our graduates implement these plans immediately after graduating, launching successful and rewarding careers.

"When you leave this institution, we not only want you to be the best clinically trained chiropractic physician, we want you to have the best business education in the health care field," says Professor Bruce Hodges, DC, retired coordinator of the program. "National University's Ethical Practice Management Program is just one of the many reasons why our graduates are leaders in today's chiropractic profession."

Course Outline

Phase I: Trimester 2

  • BU5209 - Introduction to Business Principles

Phase II: Trimester 6

  • BU6201 - Principles of Marketing and Communication

Phase II: Trimester 7

  • BU6306 - Business Planning

Phase II: Trimester 8

  • BU6404 - Ethical Management of the Chiropractic Practice
  • BU6407 - Risk Management and Legal Issues


  • Disability, Assessment & Impairment Rating: How to testify expertly in a court of law
  • The Need to Know: Essentials of Managed Care / Insurance / Medicare: How to enroll, document and receive payment


For more information on the DC business courses, contact Dr. Christopher Arick at 630-889-6846.