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NUHS Team Provides Exams for Chicago Blackhawk’s New Recruits

by Aug 18, 2010

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Interns in the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program at National University of Health Sciences recently performed medical examinations for prospective Blackhawks players at the United Center in Chicago.

Manuel Duarte, DC and faculty clinician at NUHS says, “We examined 71 new recruits for the Blackhawks organization, performing vitals, EKGs, spirometry, urinalysis and other lab work. Our interns are trained in all of these procedures and were well qualified to be part of the integrative medical team responsible for examining the prospective players.”

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The DC interns worked alongside professional athletic trainers who were conducting performance studies, as well as an MD and a cardiologist. The examinations took place in the Blackhawks’ training room, and afterwards the interns enjoyed lunch and a tour of the locker room and training facility led by the Blackhawks’ head trainer.

Intern Candice Subaitis says, “It was a wonderful opportunity to take part in the Chicago Blackhawks’ physical exams. I enjoyed meeting and helping some of Chicago’s up and coming athletes, and gaining valuable sports medicine experience that I will take with me in my future career as a chiropractic physician. I look forward to seeing these athletes play another championship year of hockey!”

Dr. Duarte hopes to plan similar opportunities for his interns in the future, working at the United Center or with other local sports teams. “Being a sports medicine physician, I’ve worked with pro teams in the past. It was rewarding to offer our interns a hands-on opportunity to work with professional athletes, see the inside of a professional training room and meet professional players and trainers while being well received. It’s a good way to give the interns an idea of the doors that might be open to them after graduation.”

For more information on the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program at NUHS, call 1-800-826-6285.

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