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NUHS Students Score Victory in NMSA Trivia Cup Competition

by Jul 19, 2018

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The Chicago Chapter of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA), comprised of National University of Health Sciences students, secured a win Saturday, July 14 as champions of the annual NMSA inter-school Trivia Cup Competition. The event took place at the AANP / NMSA conference.

NUHS students at NMSA trivia cup

This year’s three-day competition took place in San Diego, California. The NMSA Cup is an annual trivia competition among students at the seven accredited Naturopathic Medicine schools across the US and Canada. The rigorous competition tests knowledge of the basic sciences, clinical sciences, naturopathic philosophy, and clinical therapeutic modalities.

Led by captain Kareem Kandil (tenth trimester student), along with Michael Robinson, Polina Robinson, and Haley Doherty (eighth trimester interns) the team battled through four cup rounds against students from Bastyr University-Washington, University of Bridgeport, and The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (last year’s cup champion), going on to defeat Boucher again in the championship round.

NUHS students winning NMSA trivia cup

“It was very intense, but a well-deserved win–it’s great to put NUHS on the map, so to speak. It feels great to bring the cup to our home turf!” said Kareem Kandil, team captain.

Last year, the Chicago Chapter team won third place in the competition. This is the first year National University’s students won the top honor. Adrian Mehmedi and Karah Kruse (both fourth trimester students), and Joseph Stetchschulte (tenth trimester student) served as alternate team members.

The NMSA trivia competition is one of the most anticipated activities at the combined AANP / NMSA annual four-day conference. Hundreds of students and naturopathic doctors from across the country come together for continuing education and advancing the profession.

NUHS students at NMSA trivia cup

Dates for next year’s AANP / NMSA annual conference, as well as the 2019 NMSA Trivia Cup, are scheduled for August 15-17, in Portland, Oregon. As this year’s team will have graduated from the naturopathic medicine program by that time, National University is looking for new students to rebuild the team and bring home the 2019 championship!

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