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NUHS Expanding Its Internet Bandwidth

by May 13, 2014

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While students were on their spring break in late April, crews were busy at NUHS installing new cables and infrastructure that will ultimately increase bandwidth capacity on the Illinois campus. “Once all the new upgrades and equipment are operational, we should have five times the bandwidth we had previously, increasing our Internet speed considerably” says Ron Mensching, vice president of business services for NUHS.

Many of the infrastructure upgrades are also critical in preparing for additional upgrades in the future, so that NUHS can take better advantage of technology.  After the new infrastructure and equipment is configured, NUHS will start switching segments of the campus over to the new system. “We have a step by step strategy that should prevent any downtime for Internet access,” says Mr. Mensching.

Once the hard wire upgrades are fully implemented, the next phase of the project will be to increase wireless speed on the Illinois campus. “We’ll then be able to augment our Wi-Fi on campus to take advantage of the new network speed.”

Mr. Mensching adds, “National University is working hard to keep up with Internet technology in a way that strikes a balance between maintaining security and increasing speed, while continuing to improve functionality for both students and our programs.”

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