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NMSA Hosts Daily Campus Events for Naturopathic Medicine Week, October 7-11

by Oct 7, 2013

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The United States Senate passed a historic resolution this year officially declaring October 7 -11 as “Naturopathic Medicine Week.” In honor of this landmark recognition, the Naturopathic Medical Students Association at NUHS is planning a wide variety of themed events for each day of this week:

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Monday – Dedicated to Botanical Medicine 

  • Noon – Join a BYO Picnic Lunch in the NUHS garden for group bonding and a kick-off for the week. All students invited. (weather permitting)
  • 5-7 pm – Herbal Cordial Making. Clinic B110. Join Dr. Lorinda Sorensen for a cordial making workshop using a maceration method with herbs from the NUHS garden. Open to pre-registered NMSA members
  • 7 pm – Zoom Ball Activity. Clinic B110. NMSA students will learn to make “Zoom Balls,” a nut-butter based snack that incorporates the energetics of nourishing herbs for mental acuity and focus. Zoom Balls will then be for sale to all NUHS students Tuesday and Wednesday in Janse hallway.

Tuesday – Naturopathic Physical Medicine

  • Noon-Nu Delta Sigma. Janse L3 and L4. All ND students are encouraged to attend the new ND fraternity meeting for a lecture and discussion on physical medicine techniques.

Wednesday – Our Role in National Health Care

  • 7-10 pm  – Movie Night. SC2. Enjoy a screening of the documentary “Escape Fire,” followed by a discussion of topics presented in the film. Event is open to all NUHS students.

Thursday – Legislative Day

  • Noon – “Elevator Speeches” Workshop. Janse 116. Dr. Louise Edwards,
    Dr. Stephanie Draus and Dr. Kristina Conner will help students formulate a short, effective and informative description of naturopathic medicine and our role in healthcare. This will help us inform our legislators. Open to NMSA students.

Friday – Naturopathic Medicine – Our History and Future

  • Noon –  History of Naturopathic Medicine. Janse 139. Joshua Burns, ND student and past NMSA chapter president, will be presenting a lecture with ND faculty reflections on their experiences. Lunch snacks will be provided. Open to all students.

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