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Meet Dr. Yu Zhu from our AOM Faculty

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. Yu Zhu teaches in both the academic and clinical portions of the Master of Science in Acupuncture and the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine programs. On this video, you’ll hear why she enjoys teaching at National University and why she believes our program is one of the best.

Dr. Yu Zhu received her MD in China. She has worked in China, Sweden, Israel, and the US.

“I love American students. They are free thinking and their minds are very active. In my class, we are very into discussion and debate. It’s a small setting class, so we get a lot of opportunities for discussion.”

“In clinic, our clinicians have the opportunity to guide each individual intern so that they can do their best job. It’s one of the many reasons that our clinic has a great reputation.”

Out of all the organizations Dr. Zhu has worked for all over the world, she loves National the best. Why?

“National has unique strengths. First, the school has a very strong, very solid program. The second strength is that the faculty team is so strong. I don’t think any other school can compare.”

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