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Exam Time

During this time of the trimester, many students, including myself, are immersed in books studying for many exams. Right now many students have just finished all of their midterms and are preparing for taking entrance exams. Once the entrance exams are finished, it will be time to take finals. After finals, it is time for a well-deserved break. 


Entrance Exams

You may be wondering what entrance exams are and why students take these exams. Students take entrance exams in the AOM program during different phases of their studies. Each entrance exam is a set of tests taken over the course of three evenings.

During the third trimester, students in the acupuncture and oriental medicine programs take their first set of tests--the Internship Foundational Exam. This exam lasts for three evenings and tests over all the course material the students have taken up to that point. This exam must be taken before the student becomes an intern, which occurs at the beginning of the fourth trimester. From my understanding, the main purpose for this exam near the end of the third trimester is to help students gauge their grasp of material and for NUHS to make sure they are prepared to become an intern. 

The next phase of tests is the Senior Internship Advanced Examination, which occurs at the end of the fifth trimester for acupuncture students and the end of the seventh trimester for oriental medicine students. I am preparing for this exam. This exam also lasts three evenings and tests over all of the course material that has been taught. This exam allows for the students to review their knowledge base as well as pass into their senior phase of clinic.

At the end of the final trimester of the program (seventh for acupuncture and ninth for oriental medicine), students take theComprehensive Graduation Examination. At this point most students have also already taken their board exams. From what I understand, the exit exam is a useful tool for NUHS in gauging the student's progress and making sure the students have retained the knowledge taught in the courses offered at NUHS. 


As I mentioned, this trimester I will be taking my senior entrance exam. I am glad to be preparing for this exam. There are moments when preparing for this exam--when keeping up with my other 19 credits and being very active in my home life feels like multi-tasking put into overdrive--that I remember to take a breath and realize how fortunate I am to have all these responsibilities.


I have included some pictures of my pets offering me some TLC breaks. I always know when it's time for a study break as one of my pets will jump up onto my notes and sit on what I was reading. I love those moments and always remember to stop studying and enjoy those sweet interactions. I am thankful for the richness of my life with these wonderful responsibilities, including the entrance exams.