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Dr. Hyundo Kim Translates Important Korean AOM Book

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hyundo Kim, PhD, Chief Clinician for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at National University of Health Sciences, recently completed an English translation of an important Korean text titled:”Pharmacopuncturology: Principles and Clinical Applications.”

Dr. Kim was among the original authors of the Korean version when the book was assembled by the Korean pharmacopuneturology book coverPharmacopuncture Institute and published in Korean by Elsevier. Dr. Kim’s new English translation is also published by Elsevier and was released in September of 2011. The book is designed for international English readers.

Pharmacopuncture is the injection of herbal extracts directly into acupuncture points for enhanced therapeutic effect. While this technique is not universally licensed for acupuncturists (LACs) in all 50 states, MDs who use acupuncture are able to use this therapy in the US. While relatively new here, pharmacopuncture is very commonly used in Russia, Germany and throughout Asia.

Dr. Kim currently serves as Secretary General to the International Pharmacopuncture Institute in addition to serving on the board of the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute.  He is very excited to see a growing interest in the technique. “Our Korean Institute has recently signed an agreement with the California Korean Acupuncture Association to train them in this modality,” he reports.

The power behind the technique is its synergistic combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture. “While pharmacopuncture is applicable to a wide range of disorders, it is especially beneficial in treating rheumatoid arthritis, auto-immune disorders and musculoskeletal disorders,” says Dr. Kim.

The new book is available through Elsevier or the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute.






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