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Reaching Your Goal

I recently had the opportunity to interview Erika and Carlin. Erika is currently an NUHS AOM student. She is in her final trimester at NUHS. She has already successfully passed one of her boards, and is currently in the process of taking her national AOM boards. Erika shares with us how this experience feels for her.

Carlin is an alumna of NUHS. She graduated with her MSOM last trimester. She has completed all her licensing boards and is in the process of preparing for her herbal board. To become a licensed acupuncturist in Illinois, practitioners are required to pass 3 boards: Foundations, Acupuncture Points, and Biomedicine. To receive herbal certification, an herbal board must also be passed.

I hope this video helps you have an idea of how it feels to reach the desired goals as an AOM student. If you are considering becoming an AOM student, hopefully this video conveys how gratifying it feels to begin attaining graduate and professional goals.

Transitions and Change

Congratulations, Miravone, on your pregnancy!!! What an exciting time for you and your family! I am very happy for you! As Miravone is going through an amazing time of transition and change right now, it appears many people are also going through a time of transition and change in different ways. In AOM, this is understood as a very healthy and natural process with the coming of spring. 


I have been noticing many of my friends, colleagues, and family members experiencing a rapid amount of transitions right now--some regarding health, others relationships and others school. Some are experiencing transitions in all three. I think we are all faced with transitions in life; it's as factual as the flow of yin and yang in AOM. But, I think what makes a transition easy or difficult is our willingness and ability to move and change as the transition enters our life. I think sometimes we can get lost or stuck in the transition and never take the jump to make the change. I think the fear of the jump is usually bigger than the actual leap of faith.

I know countless students have expressed feeling this way trying to decide whether to begin the AOM program. Since it is so different from what many people have grown up to understand in a conventional medical society, jumping full force into AOM can be a big decision. I know it was for me. I finally just had to jump and see what happened. I think that holds true for me in most areas of my life. I can spend all day philosophizing on the "what ifs", and thinking about all the possible outcomes, but that's where it's so easy to get stuck and never take a leap of faith. I've learned that jumping, after a healthy level of transition and decision-making, is the only way for me to follow my dreams. 

In the past I have jumped and realized it was a path to lead me to another path. This time, with AOM, I have realized this jump was the one that lead me to where I belong. I think had I kept thinking about all my fears and "what ifs" a few years ago, I would still be living the life I had then and missed out on so much. 


In acupuncture, we have a treatment called the Buddha's triangle. It is a set of three triangles that create a very grounding effect. This treatment is often used in clinic when a patient is in a place of transition and seeking help with direction. Through the acupuncture energetic response, patients tend to gain more clarity in the paths they seek to take. One of the triangles is shown in picture above.


Years ago, a mentor of mine constantly told me "change is good" during a very difficult time of my life. The optimist in me desired to believe her, but at that time, those words were very hollow. I was also young and had little proof of this reality. She explained to me how everything had to change in order for new growth to come. She showed me just as new buds must sprout out of the ground to someday make flowers, we, too, must have the courage to allow ourselves to blossom into who we are meant to become. Little did I know then, how true her words were and how much I would grow to believe them. They are also a core belief in AOM, showing the ever-flowing change of yin into yang, and yang into yin. They are the Universal and internal changes that move us into new beginnings.

AOM Pinning Ceremony

This week was an exciting week for AOM students. For the first time since the AOM program began, acupuncture and oriental medicine students were given a pinning ceremony.


From my perception, the pinning ceremony is much like a rite of passage acknowledging the students' advancement into the NUHS clinic. To me, it signified the authenticity of our medicine and the honor we must hold in it while administering it to our patients. I felt very fortunate to be a part of this ceremony.

2011-10-25_Kim Dad

My dad came to watch the ceremony, which meant a great deal to me. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I am very close with my family and having my dad there was very special. My mom was at a conference in Hawaii so she was enjoying sun and sandy beaches instead.

I think it is beneficial when NUHS holds these types of events. These ceremonies allow us to include our family in the development of our education, which helps bridge understanding in what we are learning and accomplishing.


The ceremony was very nice. There were three speakers, James Winterstein, DC, president of the university, Frank Yurasek, PhD (China), assistant dean of AOM, and Bruce Hodges, DC, associate professor of clinical sciences. Hyundo Kim, PhD, the chief AOM clinician, and several professors including Hui Yan Cai, MD (China), PhD (China), and Jia Xu, MSOM, LAc, were also at the ceremony. It was a privilege having these faculty members at the ceremony on behalf of us and our program. 

2011-10-25_Observers _Interns

2011-10-25_AOM-pinned -students

I felt very motivated when I received my pin, shook the president's hand, and then wore the pin on my lab coat for my dad to see. I felt motivated to continue to study hard, honor my patients and their well being, apply myself to AOM, and apply AOM to my patients in the best possible way. I am not sure how to explain how a pin can help enhance these feelings, but somehow, the pin is filled with inspiration.