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How dual degrees can help you earn more income 

by Jul 5, 2023

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Graduation. Graduate Piggy Bank

In an industry that is becoming more inclusive of holistic, integrative medicine, obtaining dual degrees can be a huge boost not only to your career but your earning potential. According to researchers, nearly half (approximately 45%, or 133 million) of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease and the number is growing. As a result, more patients along with hospitals and medical systems are becoming increasingly open to complementary and alternative medicine to help treat these diseases. 

By obtaining dual degrees in the field of alternative medicine, you can take full advantage of this shift and potentially increase your earning potential in several ways: 

You’ll have an expanded and more valuable level of expertise 

Alternative medicine encompasses a wide range of modalities and treatment types. By pursuing dual degrees in complementary fields, such as acupuncture and herbal medicine or chiropractic medicine and naturopathic medicine, you can develop expertise in multiple areas. This expanded knowledge base can make you a sought-after practitioner who can offer a more comprehensive approach to patient care. To patients, this could be a valuable skillset. They may be willing to pay more for holistic healthcare providers who can address their needs from various angles. 

You’ll be able to attract a larger, more diverse group of patients 

Having dual degrees allows you to offer a broader range of services. For example, if you have degrees in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine, you can provide adjustments and manual therapy along with more in-depth lifestyle recommendations, botanical remedies, and dietary advice. This versatility can attract a larger and more diverse clientele. A wider range of patients means a more thriving and profitable practice. 

Your specialized expertise will be in high demand by both patients and employers 

By obtaining dual degrees in specific alternative medicine disciplines, you can position yourself as an expert in niche areas. This can lead to higher demand for your specialized services, as clients or patients seek out practitioners with in-depth knowledge for their specific health concerns and treatment preferences. This demand for specialized expertise can translate into higher income opportunities. 

Having two degrees in different fields can also make you more marketable to employers. It expands your skill set and knowledge base, giving you a competitive edge over other applicants. Dual degrees also allow you to apply for a broader range of positions. With a wider range of job opportunities available to you, you have an increased chance of landing higher-paying roles. 

You’ll be able to integrate more with conventional healthcare and practice in pre-licensed states 

Dual degrees that combine alternative medicine and traditional healthcare fields, such as a degree in nutrition and a degree in naturopathic medicine, can open doors to positions that bridge the gap between the two approaches.  

Integrative medicine settings and hospitals increasingly value professionals who can provide a holistic approach while working alongside conventional healthcare providers. National University provides the rigorous training needed to work directly with conventional medical doctors. Such roles may come with higher salaries due to the combination of skills and the ability to offer a more comprehensive patient care experience. 

Additionally, in states without naturopathic doctor (ND) licensure, NDs can apply their training under their acupuncture and/or Doctor of Chiropractic scope of practice. With your ND degree, you’ll still be able to offer an in-depth skillset in natural medicine that will make you a valuable asset to patients. 

You’ll have more research and teaching opportunities 

Dual degrees in alternative medicine can lead to opportunities in research, education, or academia. You may be able to contribute to scientific studies, conduct clinical trials, or teach in academic institutions. These roles can provide opportunities for career advancement and may be a great way to supplement or increase your income potential. 

National University makes earning dual degrees easier 

National University is one of the only schools in the United States that teaches integratively, in one college of professional studies, with shared classes and clinical experiences. NUHS has a dual-degree program for these fields, which allows you to complete two degree programs in less time. 

By earning both degrees at the same time, you can save time and tuition money. As part of National University’s dual-degree program, completing courses in one degree allows you to have an advanced standing in the other degree. So, after successfully completing three trimesters in one field, you can immediately begin coursework in your second degree choice.  

You may even begin to start practicing while earning that second degree. 

National University provides the tools you need to give you an edge in your future career. Because National University has several health sciences programs, we are constantly investing in expert faculty, many of whom hold degrees in multiple heath care fields themselves, along with expanding our state-of-the-art facilities. 

As with any field, success and income potential in alternative medicine depend on various factors, including your experience, reputation, geographic location, market demand, and the specific degrees you pursue. However, by obtaining dual degrees, you can enhance your expertise, diversify your service offerings, and position yourself as a valuable practitioner with specialized knowledge, ultimately increasing your potential to earn more in the field of alternative medicine. 

If you want to learn more about earning dual degrees, click here to read about Jocelyn Faydenko’s experience earning degrees in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine. 

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