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Guest Speaker: Bringing Chiropractic Medicine to the Congo

by Jun 12, 2013

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Students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to meet National graduate, Sister Brigitte Yengo, DC, MD, who will be brigitte bring chiropractic medicine congospeaking at noon on Friday, June 14th in room 220 of Janse Hall.

Affectionately called the “Mother Teresa of the Congo,” Sister Brigitte Yengo holds both a DC and an MD degree, and is also a Roman Catholic nun. Fluent in five languages, and listed as a noted African woman writer for her autobiographical story, Sister Brigitte graduated from National in 1987.

Born in the Congo and educated in France, Sister Brigitte found her inspiration in a French priest and chiropractic medical missionary, Father Felix Perel (also a National graduate). She ultimately became the Congo’s only chiropractic physician and built a chiropractic clinic that served as the only health facility of any kind for several miles.

Sister Yengo took additional training to become a medical doctor so that her clinic could become a hospital and apply life-saving surgical procedures, antibiotics and medicines in addition to adjustments and chiropractic care.

She has worked in a patient population struck by polio, ebola and an epidemic of HIV/AIDS. She was recently appointed by Pope Francis as the coordinator of the Church’s HIV/AIDS initiatives in the Congo and several other central African countries.

Come hear her story and her many triumphs in bringing health, hope and caring to the underserved despite war, struggle, disease and poverty in the region.

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