Admissions - Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program

Career Support

At National University, we understand that what comes after commencement can be daunting; but you aren't alone! That's why we take a highly supportive role in helping you prepare for your future professional life while you're still a student.

In the Classroom


NUHS Business Program

Business Program Photo

In addition to being an exceptional practitioner, successful chiropractic physicians must also possess superior business skills. National University's newly redesigned business curriculum offers students a well-rounded education in everything that goes into running a business, from learning how to advertise, lease a building, manage employees and use accounting software.

NUHS students graduate with the confidence and real-world skills they need to succeed in in today's health care marketplace.

Accessible Faculty

Accessible Faculty

Faculty at National University are eager to assist students in their career goals, as well as well as their academic goals. Because NUHS provides a low faculty-to-student ratio, a high degree of interaction is a natural part of the learning environment. Many students find that former professors become their peers-and this advantage can become an invaluable bridge for building professional contacts above and beyond the academic sphere, helping form the platform for future career success.


Building Professional Connections


Alumni Ambassadors + Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing

Alumni Ambassadors are former National University students who continue to take their leadership role to heart once in the professional world. They contribute their time, and share their experiences and expertise to assistant current students.

Shadow opportunities are one of the most impactful ways our Ambassadors support current students. National University students are invited to join alums in their practices, giving them a unique hands-on perspective and a personal opportunity to observe and learn. Click here to learn more about one student's impactful job shadowing experience.

Mentor Panels

Mentor Panel

It may come as a surprise that Homecoming is not just for alumni!

One of the most sought-after programs at National University Homecoming events is the mentor panels. This is where current students interact with alumni to learn from their experiences as practitioners and former students. Building a practice, managing patient care, and staying current professionally are only a few of the valuable topics covered.


Beyond the Classroom


Campus Speakers

Campus Speaker

National University has numerous professional and academic student organizations that often host guest speakers, technique practice sessions, professional development seminars, and more. Participation in one or more such groups not only helps you stay abreast of topics in your future field, but will help you network with professionals and build lifelong connections.

Click on the links below for a few guest speaker highlights:

Korean medical doctor provides clinical application presentation on Saam Korean acupuncture

DC Alum Gives Back to Students

Alum Shares Animal Chiropractic Experience

Speakers Address Patient Outcomes, Women's Health Care

"A World of Hurt" Author O'Conner SACA Program Speaker

Professional Clubs and Campus Organizations

Professional Clubs And Campus Organizations

Make meaningful connections through NUHS clubs and organizations. National University offers more than 20 organizations devoted to professional organizations, nurturing leadership, professional development, networking and much more!

Read more here.


Employment Marketplace


Classified Ads


NUHS' classified ads provide a unique, highly specialized marketplace. Through the Classified Ads, students can review job postings domestically and internationally within their fields. Additionally, and in preparation for their careers, there are also listings for practices and equipment for sale, as well as listings for spaces to lease/rent.