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Meet Our Faculty

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Meet Our Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Faculty

Here are some of our faculty members teaching in the MSAc and MSOM programs here at National University.  They are just a sampling of the several dozen professors and instructors in basic and clinical sciences that are part of acupuncture and oriental medicine instruction in our College of Professional Studies.
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“My goal is to make sure that students have the confidence to operate as a sole practitioner when they graduate. Extensive clinical intern experience and one-to-one access to faculty clinicians are keys to building that confidence.”

“When you are out there practicing as an acupuncturist or as an oriental medical practitioner, you will have to interact with DCs, NDs, and MDs. If you have no access to them while you are in school and don’t understand their perspective, you will be at a disadvantage.”

“With its integrative medicine focus, as well as a university clinic with a steady flow of patients, NUHS has unique strengths for developing new research projects in acupuncture and integrative medicine.”