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Chiropractic Medicine

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Meet Our Chiropractic Medicine Faculty

Watch video interviews and read profiles of faculty members teaching in the DC program National University’s Lombard campus. They are just a sampling of the several dozen professors and instructors in basic and clinical sciences that are part of chiropractic medicine instruction in our College of Professional Studies.
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“Where can you get training that’s science-based, that’s going to take the whole person into consideration, that will give you a well-rounded approach that provides primary care preparation? At National, you’re prepared in a primary care way.”

“We prepare our students for an integrative medical environment. They know what an MRI will show versus a CAT scan versus a nuclear scan versus conventional radiography. They understand each of these modalities and what each is utilized for.”

“Not only are National University grads good at technique, they are more well-versed in the overall care of patients. This includes not only technique, but also rehab, nutrition, and integrative medicine. Our students are more well-rounded doctors.”