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Institutional Information

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Graduation & Placement Rates, National Board Exam Scores

Department of Education Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Course Schedules: College of Professional Studies

Course Schedules: College of Allied Health Sciences and Undergraduate Studies

College of Professional Studies: Transfer of Credit/Advanced Standing (Policy)

Contact Information for Graduate Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing:

Dr. Sandra Rogers
Dean of CPS – IL

Dr. Daniel Strauss
Dean of CPS – FL

Contact Information for Undergraduate Transfer Credit/Advance Standing:

Dr. Jerrilyn Cambron
Dean of the College of Allied Health and Distance Education

Graduate Transfer Guides (Suggested Course Outlines) for Future NUHS Applicants

Undergraduate Transfer Guides (Suggested Course Outlines) for Future NUHS Applicants

Contact Information for All Transfer Guides (Suggested Course Outlines):

Kathy Kowieski
Assistant Director of Admissions