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Graduate Programs

National University prepares students to become first-contact, primary care physicians fully qualified to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of conditions. We believe a superior education starts with an evidence-based, broad-scope curriculum emphasizing integrative medicine.

National University offers a comprehensive classical curriculum in traditional naturopathic medicine while preparing you to become a first-contact, primary-care doctor. You’ll be uniquely prepared for the real world of health care today through learning in our integrative medicine environment. You’ll graduate with the skill and confidence you need to not only practice, but to succeed and excel as a naturopathic physician.

The Doctor of Acupuncture (DAc) program can be completed in 8 trimesters. The DAc offers a comprehensive curriculum in acupuncture coupled with training in how to balance an Eastern medicine approach with Western medicine. The DAc program focuses on treating the whole person for improved patient outcomes.

National University of Health Sciences offers a six-trimester program leading to the master of acupuncture degree (MAc). This degree will allow the graduate to take national board exams and achieve certification in most states to practice as a licensed acupuncturist.

In this one-year program, you will have the opportunity to elevate your academic achievements, improve your Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) scores, and secure a competitive edge when applying or reapplying to medical school, dental school, physician assistant programs, or other highly competitive health professional schools.  

UnderGraduate Programs

National University’s bachelor’s degree completion program in biomedical sciences offers you the top quality of a private education at an affordable price. Students experience our graduate level faculty and are provided the opportunity to continue into any of our first professional programs.

Post Professional Degrees

The Doctor of Acupuncture completion program (DAc-C) is now available to those who have completed a masters degree in Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine. The DAc-C program can be completed in three terms or one full year of study.

The Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice (MSACP) is an advanced degree designed for first-professional health care providers including, DCs, NDs, MDs, and DOs. Offered exclusively online, the program provides an in-depth immersion into integrative medicine with outstanding faculty active in the profession.

The Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging degree is limited to one participant per year and can only be received upon completion of the three-year, full-time residency in diagnostic imaging at National University.


Founded in 1906, National University of Health Sciences is a leader in the growing field of integrative medicine and is respected worldwide for success in balancing healing arts and science, combining broad-scope integrative medicine with patient-centered care.

With campus sites in both Illinois and Florida, NUHS is forging new paths within the world of health care, based on understanding and cooperation with medical professionals from all disciplines.

National University sets the standard in training for careers in health care and provides a dynamic atmosphere where students, faculty and clinicians of various complementary and alternative health professions work together in an integrative environment.

National University is an established champion of research, high admission standards, accreditation, and academic excellence for its professions.

National University offers doctorate programs in chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and acupuncture. Master’s programs include medical science and acupuncture with an optional specialization in herbal medicine. Also offered is a bachelor’s degree completion program in biomedical sciences. Post-professional master’s degree programs are available in clinical practice and diagnostic imaging.

For more than a century, we have influenced the way health care is perceived, taught and practiced – and each year we continue moving the profession forward.

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