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Yolanda Schwarts

Yolanda SchwartsAfter graduating from National University in 2004, Yolanda began her own massage business out of her home. Today, however, business has grown and she now has her own office space in suburban Warrenville, Illinois.

Yolanda is very active in her community promoting massage. “I’m a member of the local chamber of commerce, and I’ve sponsored sports teams and church fundraisers. I also donate massage gift certificates and do chair massage at community events,” says Yolanda. All of these outreach efforts have brought her new business that keeps her practice thriving.

She is grateful for her experience at National, and says, “My decision to go to NUHS was after much research. I don’t think I could have received the same education anywhere else. For me, National was the top!”

Since graduating, Yolanda has attended several continuing education classes at NUHS to enrich her practice, including orthopedic massage, headache relief and orthobionomy.

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