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Krista Soli

Krista SoliA 2006 graduate of National University of Health Sciences, Krista Soli is the massage therapist at Oasis Center for Health, an integrative medical clinic in Hinsdale, Illinois.

“My degree from National definitely helped me get this job,” Krista said. “All the training I received in pathology and special populations is very important in what I do.”

“I see a great cross-section of clients, some of whom are in chronic pain, or are pre-surgery, or geriatric,” Krista explained. “I even have two pediatric clients.”

The Oasis Center for Health takes a team-based approach to integrative health care. “I work with two acupuncturists, a chiropractic physician, a ‘healing hands’ nurse and a medical psychotherapist,” Krista said. “I am considered one of the practitioners, not just an employee. Once every week, we all meet together to go over our center’s cases and share what we know from the perspective of our health care specialty.”

“This is exactly the career I wanted when I went to school,” Krista said. “I thought I’d have to work 20 years to get it, but it came right to me!”

Krista also teaches the class “Disability and Cancer” at NUHS.


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