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MSACP Graduate – Evangelia Skokos

Evangelia Skokos, DC, MS, sees patients in faculty practice at National University’s Whole Health Center while also working as an attending clinician. So when she graduated with her MSACP in 2013, the benefits she received were two-fold.

Evangelia Skokos, DC, MS“I wanted to share the knowledge I gained with my interns along with the patients at my faculty practice,” she said.

The program covered a wide variety of topics specifically geared toward post-professional degree students. “The training was rigorous and covered such a vast amount of patient cases, it felt as if I was gaining several years of experience as a clinician,” she said.

The program helped Dr. Skokos understand different patient diagnoses through lab work while also co-managing complex patient conditions. In addition, Dr. Skokos said she gained a more expansive knowledge of specific patient populations including men and women’s health, pediatrics and geriatrics, all while helping to increase her patient base in faculty practice as well as integrating her newly acquired knowledge with her current patients.

As an educator, Dr. Skokos was also able to gain the knowledge she needed to publish articles in medical journals. She specifically learned how the revision and acceptance process works.

One of her favorite aspects was working integratively with medical doctors and learning about the kind of pharmaceuticals they prescribe. With the profession moving toward training DCs to understand pharmaceuticals, Dr. Skokos said this aspect was important, specifically for elderly and other populations who may be on multiple medications. “This helped me further understand which alternative, non-drug solutions could effectively replace certain drugs and which could not,” she said.

Dr. Skokos highly recommends the program for both educators and those in private practice. “It really gives you an advanced perspective on health care and the confidence to tackle many different medical conditions,” she said.

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