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Non-Profit Clinic Program

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Non-Profit Clinic Program

In January 1988, the Salvation Army of Chicago and NUHS initiated a cooperative program to offer health care to the underserved. As a result of this cooperation, NUHS staffed clinics at two Salvation Army rehabilitation centers.

The program filled a gap in health care opportunities for the centers’ residents. Prior to the NUHS clinics, the occupants received limited, if any, medical attention. An MD volunteered one half-day each week at one center, but was so overwhelmed that he spent most of his time writing prescriptions. At the second center, a nurse visited the shelter once a week, but could provide only very limited health care.

Thanks to the NUHS clinic program, all that changed. While one of the two Salvation Army centers has now closed, a chiropractic physician from NUHS and several interns from the DC program still staff the remaining clinic. The NUHS interns and physicians collect medical histories and give complete physicals to each patient. Those with diagnosed pathologies are provided appropriate treatment or are referred to other health care providers for treatment. A medical record is developed for each patient listing information on his/her current state of health, noting any diseases and/or dysfunction found, outlining a treatment plan, and recording patient progress.

National University’s naturopathic medicine students are also able to spend a trimester rotation at the Salvation Army center as part of their own clinical experience.

This unique opportunity at an inner-city clinic provides both DC and ND interns with the ability to treat patients with a wide variety of medical issues and hone their skills of examination, diagnosis and management. They are also able to develop interpersonal relationships and create a caring, empathetic doctor-patient relationship.