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Student for a Day DC/ND – Illinois

Student for a Day DC/ND – Illinois

Ever wonder what it’d really be like to pursue a career in complementary and alternative medicine?

It’s time to stop wondering and put yourself into the POV of one of our students during our NUHS Student for a Day event.

The Student for a Day program at our Illinois campus is available for the following programs:

This event provides an opportunity to understand student life at NUHS in which you will be able to, sit in on a class lecture, enjoy lunch with current students and faculty, tour the campus and university housing all while immersing yourself within the NUHS community with your loved ones.  Admissions and financial aid representatives will also be on-hand to answer questions related to the application process and generous scholarships that are available for new students!

Because our Student for a Day program includes sitting in on live class lectures, this event is reserved for prospective students only