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Washington-Start and Run your OWN CHIRO PRACTICE with guidance from someone who has done it themself!

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Taylor Krick
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Washington Wellness Center is looking for a chiropractor to come in and start and run their OWN PRACTICE in our building as part of our Wellness Center.

Washington Wellness Center offers functional medicine services such as lab testing, wellness consultations, a full vitamin and supplement store, as well as an infrared sauna, neurofeedback training, counseling services, health coaching, and more.

WWC is owned and operated by Dr. Taylor Krick DC. In 2012 Dr. Krick opened his first clinic, Align Utah, after graduating from Palmer and he practiced chiropractic there for 7 years. His practice was voted Best of Utah in Alternative Medicine in 2017, and was 2nd place for Best Chiropractor. In 2018 Dr. Krick sold this clinic to move home to Illinois to be closer to family, and opened a functional wellness clinic, working with clients locally and virtually all over the world.

Dr. Krick’s wellness consultation services are highly sought after. Last year he spoke for Mosaic Diagnostics (formerly Great Plains) at their seminars and was invited to speak at the Colorado Chiropractic Association’s annual convention. He also hosts a podcast called The Autoimmune Doc Podcast, a Youtube channel, Instagram (@autoimmunedoc), he maintains a busy client schedule, and he has no time/desire to practice chiropractic anymore, but he would love to be able to offer it to his community.

Our Wellness Center is in a shared building with a dental office, the other Dr. Krick, but earlier this year Dr. Taylor’s father passed away suddenly from cancer. Now, Dr. Taylor wants to utilize the available space in the building and continue offering more wellness services, specifically chiropractic, and the building is a perfect fit.

We are seeking a motivated, intelligent, personable chiropractor who would like to learn under the guidance of someone who has successfully built and run a chiropractic practice, but has no desire to micro-manage the practicing doctor. We are also seeking someone who is interested in a long-term “win-win-win” relationship, a win for the doctor to get a great opportunity, a win for the practice, and a win for the community. The job would NOT be a fixed-salary associate position, or a traditional Independent Contractor, but rather a “revenue split” arrangement – – meaning the more successful the practice is, the more money the practicing doctor would take home. This is open to negotiation, but it will be a generous offer relative to what is available in the market.

Washington Wellness Center is located in Washington Illinois, a town of around 30,000 (in the school district) in a greater area of around 300,000. It is heavily community-focused, with strong academics (blue ribbon grade school), strong sports programs, and tightly linked networks, located 10 miles outside of Peoria and less than 30 miles from Bloomington/Normal, less than 3 hours from Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. Washington is Dr. Taylor’s hometown, and his name and reputation will lead to a full schedule with very little marketing effort.

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