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Job Summary

This position will include activities similar to all Research Department Faculty. Research Department Faculty conduct research, teach, and engage in service activities related to research. These individuals design, implement, assess (analyze data), and report the results of research studies that are either funded internally or externally (i.e., from outside funding sources). Although the amount of teaching is considerably less than faculty of other departments, Research Faculty instruct courses as assigned by the Dean of Research. Research faculty also participate in service to NUHS, the professional societies to which they belong, their communities, and they also conduct grant and journal article reviews. Research faculty interface with collaborators on their own and other research projects; faculty and staff not only of the Research Department but also of all other NUHS departments; and research residents, fellows, and assistants.

The courses taught include:

a. EP5410/EP5410N – Evidence-Based Practice: Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature – Both DC (T4) and ND (T5), 1 credit online
b. EP6316 – Research – Evidence Based Clinical Applications, 1 credit online – currently DC IL & FL

Essential Duties


  • Submit new proposals as Principal Investigator: approximately 1 per 18 months – 2 years.
  • Collect data (or oversee data collection) and analyze data.
  • Present results at scientific meetings: approximately 1-2 per year if Research Department budget permits, more if externally funded budget will support.
  • Submit journal papers or book chapters for publication: approximately 1 per year as first author.
  • Collaborate on other’s projects in an investigator role: (no quantitative guideline).
  • Assist others outside the department in project refinement and execution: (as needed)
  • Keep current with faculty member’s area of expertise through journal reading, internet discussion groups, and continuing education.
  • Engage in administrative duties as necessary. These include: oversee and direct ongoing research projects, assist with development of department goals and personnel management (including the hiring, training, and supervising of others).


  • Instruct 2 credit hours through the Department of Clinical Sciences. This will include courses in the EBP component of the curriculum.
  • Lecture in the curricula and/or intern in-services. These lectures may include providing expert content, discussing research methods, or communicating research results obtained within or external to NUHS’ campus.
  • Teach research methods and procedures to student research assistants.
  • Contribute exam questions as appropriate.
  • Integrate current research into self-taught lectures and assist with integration of research into other’s lectures.


  • College: Serve as a resource to faculty, alumni, and field practitioners. Participate in NUHS committee work as assigned. Contribute to research-related external ad-hoc committees.
  • Scientific Community: Service to professional organizations as officer or committee member (as time and opportunity allow).
  • Community Service to the local community.
  • Offer homecoming/development day talks.
  • Serve as a grant, manuscript, or abstract reviewer, and/or participate in editorial activities.

Other duties as assigned (applies to Research, Teaching, and Service).

Occasional Duties

  • Assist with development of institutional policies and assist in budget preparation and management (when requested).
  • Participate in elective or voluntary groups/committees (e.g., faculty senate).
  • Responsible for building, modifying, and/or maintaining scientific equipment related to personal projects (as training/expertise allows) may hire staff for these responsibilities through external grants).
  • Represent the college and its research and professional interest to other colleges and universities, professional organizations, foundations, businesses, and governmental agencies.



  • First professional or PhD degree
  • Computer literacy in word processing and statistical packages
  • Ability to travel and represent the University.


  • Both clinical and research degrees.
  • Minimum of three years of clinical research experience.
  • Formal training and research experience in research design, methods, and data analysis…
  • Experience in grant proposal writing.
  • Teaching experience in a basic or clinical science, literature appraisal, or epidemiology and biostatistics.

Application materials should include a complete Curriculum Vitae, letter of interest, practicing license, copy of transcripts, and three letters of recommendation to [email protected]

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