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Faculty Member – AHM Program

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of this position is as a teaching faculty in the MAc-HM and MAc programs. The faculty member shall be prepared academically to teach students in the classroom, laboratory, or clinic, and to assist students by providing appropriate counsel.  The faculty member is responsible for classroom teaching duties as assigned by the chairperson.  The faculty member is charged with helping the student learn through appropriate teaching methods, assessing the knowledge and skills (didactic and practical) the student has learned, and reporting that learning to the student and the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Assistant Deans or their designee. The functions of the University require that the faculty member participate in university activities and academic functions, and in budget and curriculum formulation.  In the performance of university duties, the faculty member may be called upon to prepare and present reports and studies.


  • To teach and/or facilitate the assigned hours of lecture, discussion, laboratory or clinic internship.
  • To participate with the chairperson in maintaining and advancing curriculum content for the assigned course and the program at large.
  • To assume responsibility for participating in the vital functions of the Program, not only in its day-to-day operation, but also in its role as an integral part of the University, particularly with regard to Mission and Goals.
  • To serve as a model of professionalism to interns, students, and colleagues, as evidenced by exemplary conduct, dialogue and decorum.
  • To carry out all necessary administrative and reporting functions as required by University policy or assigned by the academic dean such as a syllabus, grade and attendance submission.
  • To develop educational learning objectives for the educational program(s).
  • To develop instructional materials.
  • To develop evaluation instruments for the assessment of student learning and practical skills.
  • To provide feedback to the student and the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and the Assistant Deans (or designee) regarding the assessment outcomes.
  • To serve as a student adviser and to assist students as needed.
  • To participate in research and publication or other scholarly activities.
  • To contribute to the Mission of the University through regular participation in a variety of activities including teaching, community involvement, committee service and scholarly work.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Attendance at University-scheduled activities such as graduation ceremonies, etc.
  • Plan or conduct special workshops or seminars.



  • Appropriate doctorate or equivalent degree (PhD, MD (China), DAOM) in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine disciplines.
  • Over 5 years’ experience in herbal practice, especially focused on formulation.
  • In addition, minimum three years of teaching AOM program or supervising AOM
  • practice experience.
  • Evidence of annual CEU credits being taken via annual submission of an updated CV.


  • Experience in higher education teaching.
  • Evidence of a commitment to continuing education.
  • Service to the community.
  • Participation in professional organizations.
  • Able to teach integrated disciplines of Western-Eastern medicine.
  • Evidence in Word, PowerPoint, and other technological skills relevant to teaching.
  • On-line based teaching experience.

Application materials should include a complete Curriculum Vitae, unofficial transcripts, practicing license, three letters of recommendation, and a 2–3-page description of current and future goals, including separate sections on teaching goals, and professional contributions to the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion to [email protected]

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