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Job Summary

An Attending Clinician in the National University of Health Sciences Clinic system is responsible for all clinical and educational functions assigned to him or her.  (S)He is charged with the responsibility of the care and management of clinic patients and the clinical training of the interns.

Essential Duties

  1. To serve in the operation to which (s) he is assigned.
    1. To participate in developing both long and short range plans for meeting the Clinic Domain Goals.
    2. To assume responsibility for participating in the vital functions of the Clinic, not only in its day to day operation, but also in its role as an integral part of the University; particularly with regard to Mission and Domain Goals.
  2. To provide for the smooth operation of their area of responsibility, through the use of the following techniques, and others as necessary and appropriate:
    1. Serving as a model of professionalism to Interns, Students and colleagues, as evidenced by exemplary conduct, dialogue and decorum.
    2. Accepting responsibility for all patient care, including, but not limited to:
      1. Personally participating in such aspects of patient care as: diagnosis, treatment, patient communications, medical record keeping and patient management.
      2. Directly overseeing interns as they participate in patient care.
    3. Carrying out all necessary administrative and reporting functions as required by University policy or assigned by the Chair Person, Department of Clinical Practice.
  3. To provide a sound clinical experience for interns in the Clinic to which they are assigned. Primarily the attending clinicians accomplish this although assistance is available from the Chair Person, Department of Clinical Practice and others.
    1. Being available for service during the regularly scheduled clinic hours and at other times as necessary or as assigned by the Chair of the Department of Clinical Practice.
    2. Holding regularly scheduled meetings with their interns, devoted to:
      1. Teaching clinical, management and other topics, selected based on the evidenced needs of the interns and the direction of the Chair Person, Department of Clinical Practice.
      2. Engage in-group problem solving, as necessary.
      3. Assist interns in preparing for private practice, acting as coach and mentor.
    3. One-on-one interaction with interns and students.
      1. Assisting the interns in developing appropriate clinical skills, through demonstrating and assisting in history taking, examination and diagnosis.
      2. Assisting interns in the formulation of appropriate therapy for patients.
      3. Assisting interns in developing adequate understanding of doctor/patient relationships and patient treatments through personal guidance, using clear explanations and other appropriate teaching techniques.
      4. Being compassionate, understanding and considerate of the interns’ inexperience and naiveté regarding patient care, while simultaneously giving firm guidance on current procedures and sound practice.
      5. Evaluate interns under their supervision, both formally and informally; in order to provide constructive feedback and determine competency.
      6. Serve as a resource in assisting interns and students to identify areas of professional weakness and identifying appropriate paths to overcoming deficiencies.
    4. Arranging for coverage as necessary when absent from duty due to illness, vacation or other unavoidable circumstances.
    5. Participating in outreach activities of the Clinic.
  4. Support the curriculum through such activities as case preparation and presentation; group facilitation and supervision and teaching of lower trimester students during their scheduled clinic experiences.
  5. Contribute to the Mission of the university through regular participation in a variety of activities including:
    1. Patient care
    2. Teaching
    3. Community involvement
    4. Committee service
    5. Scholarly work
    6. Research

Occasional Duties

  1. Assist in developing and marketing the services of the clinic.
  2. Serve on University standing committees and/or ad hoc committees as assigned.



  • A clear understanding of and dedication to the Mission of The National University of Health Sciences
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
  • One, current, full and unrestricted license to practice Chiropractic Medicine in the State of Florida
  • Three or more years of clinical/private practice experience
  • Acupuncture certification by the State of Florida


  • Experience in higher education
  • Evidence of a significant commitment to Continuing Education

This is an Exempt position.

Applicants should submit a letter of interest, professional license, current CV, copy of transcripts, FL Acupuncture certification, proof of CPR/AED certification for health professionals, and three signed letters of recommendation to the attention of Andrew Wozniak ([email protected]).  Complete applications must be received for consideration.

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