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Snow Day

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This week we had a huge blizzard blow through Chicago that brought almost 2 feet of snow! In some places it felt like much more due to the high winds causing the snow to drift. As we sat in clinic and watched the snowstorm roll in, we finally got word we were able to leave early to get home safe before it really got bad. Unfortunately for some, their normally 20-minute commutes were turned into a 2-hour plus ordeal! Luckily for me, I had gone grocery shopping the night before and could go straight home and prepare for my first snow day of 2011! 

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Aside from catching up on television watching on my extra day off, my boyfriend and I painted our living room and began organizing my things into the apartment. It always sounds like a good idea to paint until you realize how much prep work there is! Filling nail holes, sanding bumps and priming… I will be glad once it is done! By the end of the month I will be completely moved out of my old apartment and finally know where all of my things are! 

Saturday Clinic Shifts

This past Saturday was our first Saturday naturopathic clinic shift. We were surprisingly busy with each intern on shift having a new patient. Being open on a weekend day will help patients who work during the weekdays to be able make an appointment. We have had many new patients since the beginning of the year, which goes to show that word about our clinic is being spread in the community. With our newest staff member, Julie Martin ND, coming from a strong oncology background, she has referred several recovering cancer patients to our clinic for adjunctive care. This is an awesome experience for the naturopathic interns as many of us have a specific interest in oncology. 

Job Hunting 

The search for a job continues! I have had some promising leads in the Chicagoland area but am still unsure where I want to set up shop permanently. I am looking forward to graduation, which will open up a lot more time for job searching. One step at a time! 

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Have a great week and let's hope for no more snow!!

Where Did the Week Go

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Hello everyone! This week in clinic literally flew by and with the "falling back" time change I have felt discombobulated. It is going to take a while to get used to the sun going down before 5:00 pm! This is the time of year we have to adjust to less and less sunlight, which makes it difficult to not get sleepy in the afternoon… that's for sure!  

Trimester 9 Phase Exams

This week was extra stressful in clinic with the Trimester 9 Phase Practical Exam that all Tri 9 interns are required to pass before moving into 10th Trimester. We are set up in the TAC (Training and Assessment Center) where a simulated patient is trained to pretend to have a specific symptom of a disease. It is our job to ask the appropriate questions and perform the appropriate physical exam and to then formulate a treatment plan. There is a clinician in the room taking notes while you complete the 30-minute intake and physical exam. Next, you move to another room where you formulate a list of differential diagnoses based on your findings and formulate a treatment plan for your mock patient. After your clinician approves of your plan, you then go back into the treatment room and give a report of findings and treatment plan to your patient. The simulated patients are told to ask questions including:

  • Why do you want to run all of these tests?
  • This is going to cost a lot of money. Can't you just give me a cheaper treatment?
  • Am I going to die from this?

Although I knew the sim patients were told to ask a myriad of tough questions, I know that real patients will be coming in with similar questions just as tough if not more difficult to answer. It was good practice to run through an entire patient visit from start to finish and to get feedback from our clinicians. 

Dr. B's Birthday!

Thursday was our main clinician's birthday so in honor of this my fellow intern Sarah and I made her a crown out of construction paper. Being a sport, she wore it during our preview session at the end of the day to humor us! It made for a good laugh at the end of a long day!

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This weekend a group of friends from Eastern Iowa came into Chicago to attend an Iowa Hawkeye football game followed by a Chicago Bears football game. I did not get to attend either game… one of the perks of being a poor college student.  But I did manage to go downtown Saturday night to the Hancock building for a little wine and amazing views. I love going up to the lounge on the 96th floor and looking down on the city at night. It was a nice end to a hectic week! 

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Next week a group of ND interns and I are set to go for a tour of the CTCA (Cancer Treatment Center of America) in Zion, Ill. We are going to meet with ND residents and see how they practice in an integrated hospital setting. I'll be sure to report how it goes next week!