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9th Trimester

This week marks the first week of my 9th Trimester here in the naturopathic program. I can't believe that is has been 3 years since I began and I have only 2 more trimesters left! 

Ashley -horns

After spending my last break on the West Coast from Portland to Los Angeles, I have to admit, I was anxious to get back into a routine. I had so many amazing experiences I don't know where to begin!

Naturopathic Convention

I started off my vacation in Portland, OR at the 25th Annual Naturopathic Convention. After a group of fellow students and I participated in the ZRT collegiate bowl we attended as many lectures at the convention as we could. This year there seemed to be a focus on naturopathic doctors treating abroad and how we can help support doctors internationally. One opportunity that students have been taking advantage of is in Nicaragua called NDI (Naturopathic Doctors International).  Dr. Tabitha Parker heads NDI and welcomes students to travel to her clinic to gain experience with international health care. I never knew there were such amazing things going on in naturopathic medicine! 

Naturopathic Clinic

Another opportunity a fellow student and I took advantage of was to shadow in a naturopathic clinic in southern California. The doctor had his practice in an office building with many other health professionals from dentists to family practice medical doctors. The ND mainly utilizes IV therapeutics treating conditions ranging from advanced cancer and liver cirrhosis to Lyme disease and overall disease prevention. In talking with patients during their treatment, I realized there is an absolute need for more NDs in southern California. One patient drove over 2 hours in traffic for her appointment and spent almost 3 hours in the clinic receiving treatment! She was literally begging my friend and I to start up practice in California because they need us there! I've never thought about living on the West Coast, however, there is a real demand for what we do! 


I finished off my vacation in Los Angeles beach hopping with the intention of not thinking about school and getting in some much needed R&R. Although it was very relaxing, I found myself continually visualizing myself after graduation and wondering what I am going to do! There are moments of pure terror not knowing what the future holds yet at the same time I am so excited to be done with school! 

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As for now I am focusing on fulfilling all of the requirements for graduation including patient recruitment, papers and grand rounds presentations… in the meantime I will keep you posted this trimester what being a naturopathic intern is like!