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Grand Rounds

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Next week for Grand Rounds I am scheduled to present to fellow interns, clinicians and classmates. Grand Rounds is required of all interns in both Trimester 9 and 10. 

Clinical Question

You are given the freedom to present on a clinical question of your choice and my friend and I decided to pose the following clinical question: How do Clinical Outcomes Improve with Physician Education on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) Sensitive Issues? We chose this topic based on a recent discussion on the importance of asking patients sensitive questions revolving around sexual history. As naturopathic physicians, we cannot brush over a patient's sexual history by not asking if they are in a committed relationship, having sexual relations with men women or both, or how many partners they've had in a lifetime. If we avoid these questions, we are not getting a true picture of the patient's risks for disease. 

Interesting Research

Disease types and risks can vary depending on the patient's social and sexual history. For example, lesbian patients were once told they had less of a risk of developing HIV/AIDS. This, of course, is entirely untrue. In fact, our research found many lesbian patients reported that when they were asked if they were sexually active, it was usually automatically assumed they were only intimate with males. If they disclosed they were in an intimate relationship with another female, it was assumed they never had sexual relations with a male in their lifetime. 

And then comes the whole topic of transsexuals who can exogenously inject hormones to more physically resemble the opposite sex. This comes with a whole set of probable disease developments. These are just a few of the stereotypes we dug up during research for our presentation. This was enough to spark our interest to investigate this topic further and present our findings to our fellow interns. 

Valuable Resource

During our research, my co-presenter and I visited the Howard Brown Center in downtown Chicago. Howard Brown is a health care organization that serves more than 36,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals annually. The organization provides primary medical care, behavioral health counseling, research, HIV/STI prevention and social services for all age groups. We met with Chandra Matteson, RN, to discuss our presentation to ensure we were on the right track and to gain more information from someone who works with this population first-hand. She was more than helpful in critiquing our slides and provided us with a wealth of resources. We had such a great time we took pictures with Chandra and added it to our presentation!  

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Unfortunately, you have to be a student or faculty member of the University to be invited to attend Grand Rounds, but I urge those who are in health care to take another look into this populations' unique set of health issues. It has been indeed proven that with training in GLBT-sensitive issues clinical outcomes are more favorable. 

Wish me luck on my presentation! I will report how it goes next week!