Admissions - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

ND Clinical Internship at Salvation Army

During the clinical internship, naturopathic medicine students at National University of Health Sciences have the opportunity to do two shifts per week during a trimester seeing patients in a Chicago Salvation Army facility. There, they work under a primary care physician. They see a wide variety of patients who are often homeless, drug-addicted or who have recently suffered tragedy in their lives.

ND interns participate in taking complete physicals for new men coming into the facility's clinic. As part of each patient's treatment plan, the interns utilize nutritional supplements, as well as botanical and homeopathic medicine appropriate for each patient's history and medical condition.

The Salvation Army internship occurs in the tenth trimester. While many think they have to travel to other countries to gain experience helping the medically disadvantaged, ND student interns are helping homeless and drug-addicted men right here in Chicago.

Student interns see many visceral conditions, including hypertension, kidney disorders, respiratory and many cardiovascular conditions. Sometimes the patients are refused care by hospitals, or they can't afford their medication, so their condition becomes more complex.

It's been especially valuable for the clinic to be able to offer homeopathic treatment through the ND interns' expertise. The clinic sees a lot of digestive issues and sleep issues as well as allergies and dermatologic problems. The homeopathic remedies that the ND interns recommend are showing great results in these cases.

Homeless _shadowThe Salvation Army clinic rotation is another way National University offers real world experience in integrative medicine. Working together, ND interns are able to learn more about physical rehabilitation techniques from the DC interns, and they're able to share their expertise in botanical medicine, as the university's naturopathic classes go into more detail on rare botanicals.