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Salvation Army Internship

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ND Clinical Internship at Salvation Army

During the clinical internship, naturopathic medicine students get a chance to select the Salvation Army Chicago Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) as an ancillary site, seeing patients for two days per week for their whole internship year. All ND interns, however, have the opportunity to spend two weeks at the Salvation Army clinic during their tenth trimester to get exposure to an under-served population.

There, they work under a primary care physician. They see a wide variety of patients who are often homeless, suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, needing transitional housing after an incarceration or recovering from a major life tragedy.

ND interns perform a complete health history and head-to-toe physical for each man entering the program. The clinic has recently expanded to accommodate the female program members who are housed at a separate facility on Clybourn Ave. As part of each patient’s treatment plan, the interns utilize nutritional supplements, exercise prescription, diet and lifestyle modification as well as botanical, homeopathic and physical medicine as appropriate for each patient’s history and medical condition. Following the tenets of naturopathic medicine, interns seek to treat the whole person and address the root cause of disease and poor health. This approach is particularly effective at the Salvation Army clinic as it allows interns to explore the mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical aspects of health.

homeless man in shadowStudent interns see a wide variety of health concerns including GI, kidney and respiratory problems, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions, dermatological and neurological concerns, allergies and difficulty sleeping. Sometimes patients have not seen a doctor in many years so their condition becomes more complex. The interns provide targeted support for common deficiencies associated with alcohol and drug abuse as well as working with patients who are interested in smoking cessation.

According to Dr. Lodal, DC, ND, clinician, the experience at the Salvation Army is uniquely rewarding, especially since the patients are in need of comprehensive medical attention and are very appreciative of care provided by the interns.

The Salvation Army clinic rotation is another way National University offers real world experience in integrative medicine. ND interns have the opportunity to see very serious pathology in an under-served population that can benefit tremendously from natural medicine.

“This is a great experience for the interns to treat patients with complex conditions and help make patients active participants in their own health,” said Dr. Lodal.