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David Saenz, Associate Vice President for AdmissionsDavid Saenz, MPA, EdD

Associate Vice President for Admissions

About David

What do you like about NUHS?
I like the collaborative nature that NUHS provides to colleagues and students.  NUHS is truly dedicated to ensuring that it is student-ready by maintaining a focus on developing relationships with students and creating a sense of service and belonging.

How do you help prospective students?
I help prospective students by providing leadership, strategy, and support for the office of admission colleagues while working in partnership with the greater NUHS community to provide an engaging application experience and matriculation process for prospective students.

What are some little known facts about you?

  • I am a proud “double-demon”, which means I have two degrees from DePaul University.
  • I lack the ability to fully bend my middle finger on my left hand.  (A tragic Chicago style softball accident).


David’s Favorite Quote

“He who laughs most, learns best.” – John Cleese

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