Admissions - Master of Science in Acupuncture

Meet Our Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Graduates

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Margaret Thompson-Choi, MSOM - '09

Learn why Margaret feels NUHS uniquely prepared her to co-manage cases with reproductive endocrinologists, and how her own life journey gave her a special perspective on assisting women who are seeking help with fertility and childbirth.

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Cherlyn Coplon, MSOM - '10

Cherlyn credits her NUHS education for helping her build a successful practice in suburban Chicago. "I fell in love with National University after having a tour of the campus and getting a feel for the style of teaching. I really liked the anatomy lab. No other school in the country offers that."

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Ryan Secor, MSAc - '10

Shortly after graduation, Ryan started work in an exciting integrative medical clinic in downtown Chicago. "The education that I received from National University has helped me to look at each patient from not only an eastern but also a western health perspective."

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Earnest Mounce - '09

Earnest credits his education from NUHS for successfully preparing him to meet the challenges of working in a hospital in China. He has also been accepted into a top Chinese university where he is working toward his PhD in acupuncture.