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Advanced Clinical Practice

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Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice

The Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice (MSACP) is an advanced degree designed for first-professional health care providers including, DCs, NDs, MDs, and DOs. Offered exclusively online, the program provides an in-depth immersion into integrative medicine with outstanding faculty active in the profession.

Students will learn about many different disorders and treatment paths. By studying a broader list of conditions, students will enhance their diagnostic skills and learn to better manage an array of clinical conditions. A variety of coursework is offered in the program including neurophysiology, functional medicine, research methodology, nutrition and wellness, pharmacology, and much more!

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Online Format

The MSACP program has been re-designed in an online-only format to allow busy physicians to complete the program on their own time.

How You Will Benefit

  • Improved diagnostic and clinical decision-making
  • Advanced training in functional medicine, pharmacology, neurophysiology
  • Potential expansion of scope of practice in some states
  • Enhanced employment/educational opportunities with this academic master’s degree

Getting Started

This postprofessional MS degree is offered exclusively online and is designed so that physicians can integrate their new knowledge directly into patient care while losing minimal office time completing the program.

A Word from Our Student

Dr. Gerald Monk Current MSACP student “This program [MSACP] has provided me with the most current up to date knowledge on numerous medical diagnoses. This has been extremely helpful work with patients, medical physicians and researchers in that it has allowed me to understand and communicate more intelligently and effectively with other professionals. These skills have helped me acquire a new level of respect from colleagues and has afforded me the opportunity to take on greater levels of responsibility which has ultimately led to an executive clinical career promotion.

– Dr. Gerald Monk

Current MSACP student

Meet Our MSACP Graduates

Here’s a chance for you to meet a few of our successful alumni who credit their education from National University a part of their success.

Evangelia Skokos – ’13

Dr. Evangelia Skokos sees patients in faculty practice at NUHS while also working as an attending clinician. “The training was rigorous and covered such a vast amount of patient cases, it felt as if I was gaining several years of experience as a clinician.” Read more »

Dean Greenwood – ’12

Dr. Dean Greenwood has managed a successful practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, for 30 years. “The MSACP program at National was the best learning experience I’ve had since chiropractic college and in my 30 years of professional experience.” Read more »

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More Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about this program, please consider attending one of our upcoming webinars. You may also contact the Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285 or [email protected].