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Matthew Schipma, PhD

Instructor, Chemistry

Matthew Schipma headshotMatthew Schipma, PhD, teaches general chemistry, one of the first courses students take when they begin their academic journeys at NUHS. He’s been an instructor at NUHS since 2005.

Dr. Schipma earned his doctorate in biochemistry from Loyola University Chicago, his Master of Science in computer science from DePaul University and his Bachelor’s in biology and chemistry from Trinity Christian College.

In addition to teaching at NUHS, he also works in biomedical research at a core facility which offers shared services and resources to various researchers and investigators. He’s frequently involved in projects analyzing gene expression in cells or tissue.

Dr. Schipma gained a passion for chemistry later on in his academic career. “As an undergrad I wasn’t interested in chemistry at first, but rather biology instead,” he said. “As my coursework in biology advanced, I started to gain an appreciation for the chemical nature of molecular and cellular biology. Therefore, I studied biochemistry in graduate school, which provided the foundation for my career in bioinformatics.”

One of Dr. Schipma’s favorite parts about teaching is interacting with students. “I’m constantly amazed at how engaged NUHS students are about chemistry, and how eager they are to learn,” he said. “I realize that chemistry might not be the most exciting coursework at NUHS, but that doesn’t stop students from showing a genuine interest in the subject.”

He believes what sets NUHS apart is the smaller, cohesive student body.

“I’ve observed time and time again how well the students cooperate with one another toward reaching their educational goals.  General chemistry is often one of the first courses students take at NUHS, so I have the distinct pleasure of watching a group of strangers develop strong friendships,” he said.

Outside of his science career, Dr. Schipma is married with six children, which includes two sets of twins.

Faculty Info

Lecturer, Allied Health Sciences

BA, Trinity Christian College, 1998
MS, DePaul University, 2004
PhD, Loyola University, 2004

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