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Brett Martin, DC, MPH, MSAc

Professor, Basic Sciences, NUHS – Florida

Brett Martin headshotDr. Martin is both a chiropractic physician and an acupuncturist, graduating with a doctor of chiropractic degree from NUHS in 2009, and a master of science in acupuncture from NUHS in 2011.

While a student at NUHS, he worked as an anatomy lab assistant. As a teaching assistant for Dr. Richardson, Dr. Martin helped in developing of the Pharmacology New Mexico program, giving chiropractic physicians the right to prescribe pharmaceuticals in that state. He also co-authored several journal articles, including “The Effects of Oral Contraceptive Induced Nutrient Depletions and Its Consequences” and “Effects of Statin Drugs on Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease due to Reductase Inhibition and Nutrient Depletions”, and “The Clinical Treatment Protocol Manual: Emphasis in Nutrition,” among others.

Dr. Martin’s clinical experience includes working in a Salvation Army Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation center, Martin Chiropractic Clinic (a family practice), a post-traumatic stress disorder clinic, Living Well Cancer Resource Center and John Stroger Hospital Pain Management Department. He teaches biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, nutritional biochemistry, medical genomics and botanical medicine for National University in Florida.

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Professor, Basic Sciences, NUHS - Florida

BS, Northern Illinois University, 2006
DC, MSAc, National University of Health Sciences, 2009, 2011
MPH, Purdue University, Global, 2018

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