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Anna Jurik, DC, MS, RD, LDN

Professor, Clinical Practice
DC Clinician – NUHS Whole Health Center, Lombard

Anna Jurik, DC, MS, RD, LDNDr. Anna Jurik is a licensed chiropractic physician and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist, whose diverse background allows her to truly treat patients holistically at the Whole Health Center in Lombard.

She holds a doctor of chiropractic degree, master of science in advanced clinical practice (MSACP) and a certificate in massage therapy from National University of Health Sciences. She also has degrees in exercise physiology and dietetics and certifications in Graston technique, Kinesio taping, Webster technique, pediatrics and prenatal care, rehabilitation of the spine, craniosacral therapy, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Using this wide knowledge base, she works with patients to put together a natural and specific plan to achieve and help maintain the best health possible. She also strives to educate patients about healthy living with each visit.

In addition to teaching in the standard classroom, she also teaches seminars to help educate colleagues as well as personally expand her mindset and experiences.

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Professor, Clinical Practice and
DC Clinician - NUHS Whole Health Center, Lombard

BS, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1994
BSc, University of Kentucky, 1998
DC, MS, National University of Health Sciences, 2005, 2011
Licensed Dietician, Nutritionist
Registered Dietitian

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