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David Hopper

Instructor, Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences

Dr David HopperDavid Hopper, DC, OMT, is a National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) Instructor in the Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences departments. 

He received his Doctor of Chiropractic from NUHS and his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University

Aside from previously teaching at Aurora University, he has been practicing since he first became licensed in 2015. He focuses on helping those who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea, jaw pain and other related concerns. He also has spent a lot of his time working with professional athletes, pregnant patients and children, including infants.   

Additionally, he is working to raise awareness within the chiropractic community about the power of using Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a patient monitoring tool, in practice. As an HRV expert, he speaks and provides continuing education to chiropractic organizations all over the country. He is also on the board for the Association of Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback (AAPB) and is part owner of an HRV tech start up, Optimal HRV, which offers a mobile app, web dashboard for practitioners, and a device for measuring HRV. 

Dr. Hopper enjoys spending extra time with students working on things like adjusting, palpation and even talking about the logistics of opening a practice. His love for teaching comes directly from students.   

“Their passion is addictive,” he said. “The students are just on fire to learn more and more and their fire lights me up and drives me to be the best I can possibly be for them.” 

Faculty Info

Instructor, Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences

BS, MS, Northern Illinois University, 2008, 2011
DC, National University of Health Sciences, 2015

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