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Massage Therapy Program

The Massage Therapy program at National University of Health Sciences provides you with extensive hands-on instruction so that you can provide the highest quality of care to your clients.

What is Massage Therapy?

Therapeutic massage offers both relaxation and health benefits. With the correct training, massage can be an adjunct therapy in addressing many health disorders. Massage can also be a stress-relieving choice for people committed to wellness and preventive health care.

Massage Therapy Techniques

From the long-slow strokes of Swedish massage, to the direct and penetrating pressure of trigger-point therapy, massage therapy can also include: cranio-sacral work, sports massage, pregnancy and infant massage, chair massage, hot stone therapy and more!

Massage Therapy Careers

Today's massage therapists can work in their own "at home" or private office practice, on cruise ships, for sports teams, in hospice centers and nursing homes, in hospitals and integrative care clinics, in a chiropractic physician's office, or in corporate wellness centers. Massage therapists can often set their own hours and choose the work environment that suits them best.

Massage therapists earn $44.90 per hour on average.
Source: American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

10 Places to Work as a Massage Therapist

  1. Spas and fitness centers
  2. Cruise ships
  3. Sports teams
  4. Hospitals
  5. Chiropractic offices
  6. Hospice care
  7. Home business
  8. Corporate wellness events
  9. Integrative medical clinics
  10. Mall and retail chair massages

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Program Overview

You can earn your Certification in Massage Therapy in three trimesters or just one year of convenient evening classes. Or, if you've earned your general education requirements toward a two-year degree at another college, you can earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Massage Therapy by completing our program. 

Introduction to Massage Therapy

National University has created the Introduction to Massage Therapy course to be sure you fully understand the program and are confident it is the right fit for you. In this two week, 4-session course, you will learn the fundamental principles and hands-on techniques taught in the massage therapy program. This course is required for admission to the program.

Master Techniques

Establish proficiency in Swedish massage, chair massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy, orthopedic massage, and deep tissue work as well as geriatric, cancer, pregnancy, infant and pediatric massage. Put these in practice when you intern in our on-campus integrative Whole Health Center treating a wide variety of clients.

Learn Anatomy

Explore the wonders of the human body and its systems through our anatomy and physiology courses. In these classes, you'll combine palpation and pathology coursework with time spent learning in our medical cadaver-based anatomy lab. You can also work with The Anatomage Table, today's most advanced digital anatomy visualization tool.

Gain Business and Communication Skills

Gain business skills like learning how to build a successful client base, keep accounting and tax records, and familiarize yourself with state and local laws through our business management courses. Learn to communicate with other health care professionals in classes like medical terminology, interpersonal communication and ethics.


National University's distinct advantages prepare you for the massage career that awaits you.

Excellent Career Preparation

NUHS graduates score very well on state licensure exams, the first step toward your employment. We also train you for a variety of job settings in massage therapy, including: spa, corporate, hospital, and sports venues, your own business and more.

Cadaver-Based Anatomy

Very few massage schools in the country offer the advantage of learning from human cadavers. At NUHS, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy through instruction in a graduate level medical cadaver lab. You will actually see the musculature, ligaments and organ systems, not just read about them in books.

Outstanding Faculty and Clinic

Because we are also a graduate medical school, you will learn from professors, instructors and physicians with outstanding credentials.

Our beautiful 35-acre campus includes a massage therapy suite housed in our on-site integrative medical clinic. Here you'll intern under seasoned clinicians, giving you real world interaction with patients and the public. This is just one of the ways your training will have a strong medical and health focus.

Collaborative Learning

Students have the opportunity to learn in a unique environment with others from multiple Complementary and Alternative Medicine professions. This unique setting will prepare you well for future careers in integrated health care.



The Massage Therapy program can be completed in one year of evening classes.

The massage therapy programs at National University provide thorough training in every area necessary to practice successfully as a professional massage therapist. The curriculum provides you with a solid grounding in anatomy and physiology, includes study of massage theory and history, and offers extensive training in clinical massage as well as business practices and ethics. You will be prepared for immediate work in any health care setting or for self-employment.

Distinctive Curriculum

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Source: American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)