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DC Student Drew Hunt Receives FICS Sports Medicine Scholarship

by Jan 28, 2013

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Drew Hunt, a DC student at National University’s Florida Campus, was recently honored with a $1000 scholarship award from the Federation Internationale De Chiropratique du Sport (FICS).

Drew cofounded the NUHS Student Sports Council on campus and currently serves as its president. He has organized sports dc student drew huntcouncil presentations for St. Petersburg College teams that have led to volunteer care for their women’s volleyball team and an off-season workout program. Drew also serves as vice president of NUHS’ student council, and volunteers in an enrichment program for underprivileged youth promoting healthy lifestyles and introducing new sports and activities.

“I’m truly honored,” says Drew.  “The award also reflects our achievements as a sports council. All the council members, executive officers and especially Dr. Timothy StarkDr. Carlo Guadagno and Dr. Jennifer Illes, put in the work that helped the council have so much success in such a short time.”

Drew’s interest in sports medicine began in his undergraduate years. “While playing collegiate sports I became interested in how to improve the competitive edge and optimal performance of the body.”

Once he graduates with his DC degree, Drew hopes to pursue a specialty in sports medicine. “The great thing about an education from NUHS is that we’re taught to be whole health physicians. Having a specialty in sports chiropractic on top of that gives you that edge whether you’re dealing with athletes or the weekend warrior who’s starting to get aches and pains.”

“When we’re on the field, we’re showing athletes, physical therapists, MDs and physical trainers who we are and what we’re able to do,” says Drew. “Chiropractic is growing in recognition on a national and international scale as a useful modality before, during and after athletic competition. That’s why there is a reason to be very optimistic about the future of chiropractic sports medicine.”


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