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Week 3 of Quarentine

by Apr 3, 2020

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We have officially finished our 3rd week of quarantine and online coursework. It is very different to be learning some of this material over the internet instead of in our very hands-on lab classes. I am so thankful for current technologies that are enabling us to continue our education and learning during this world-wide pandemic. I figured I would take this time to express my gratitude for a handful of the things in my life I am thankful for. Similar to the type of post I do for Thanksgiving every year:

My puppy, Lily.  She is handling the quarantine like a pro! I think she likes having me home with her all day. And she is getting tons of attention right now since she has a dog walker come play with her and walk her multiple times a day. So, I guess I am equally thankful for the dog walker!

Lily Pic

My faith, friends, and family. I think we all have moments where we feel lonely, especially during self-quarantine or isolation.  I can always count on those that love me to help cheer me up!  It is also helpful to my spirits and mood when I am able to serve them by reaching out to cheer them up. 

My on-campus apartment. I live in a studio apartment, but it is nice and cozy. I have everything I need to get by. Most importantly, AmazonFresh and Instacart deliver groceries to me, so I literally don’t have to go anywhere right now!

This is Lily trying to take up the entire couch. Definitely not cool, we both have to fit on it! 

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Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith

My name is Belinda, but I prefer to go by Lindy. I am in my final year as a Naturopathic Medical student at National University of Health Sciences. I’m originally from Maryland and will always consider it to be my home. I live on campus, in the Bucholz building with my dog, Lily. I love the sport of triathlon and will totally geek out if anyone wants to talk bikes or racing with me! I’m looking forward to blogging about study tips, ways to have fun on campus, and all the details of a full-time medical student. I love talking with people, so if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


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