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Students Paired with Alumni Sponsors for Homecoming

by Jun 20, 2011

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Ten students from National University’s Illinois campus had an extraordinary opportunity at the 2011 Homecoming.  Any student who wished could apply for possible sponsorship to attend the full schedule of Homecoming events.  All 10 students who applied were matched with alumni and administrative sponsors who generously covered the student’s seminar and event attendance for the entire weekend.

Christopher Smith, an eighth trimester student says: “I loved it. We all greatly appreciated that we were sponsored and able to go. The nice thing was talking to lots of successful doctors from all over the country. They gave us their cards telling us to contact them whenever we want with our questions. I’m already encouraging other students to go next year. It’s important if you want to learn more about the chiropractic profession and how to run a business.”

Christopher adds, “My favorite seminar was Dr. Rand Swenson’s on headaches. He is a genius.  Headaches and migraines are in my family, and I learned quite a bit from him and was even able to speak with him after the seminar.”

Sarah Graef, a 10th trimester student, said her favorite seminars included those by Dr. Rand Swenson and Dr. David Seaman. “I was also encouraged by Dr. Winterstein’s address at the alumni luncheon. There are always so many rumors out there, and it was great to hear updates directly from him on where the university is going and what we are trying to do.”

“Homecoming is a chance for our current students to establish relationships with successful alumni and campus leaders who can often give them encouragement and mentorship in starting their new career,” says Dr. Winterstein. “This new sponsorship program helps build those types of bridges, and we hope more students will apply in the future.”

Below are the individuals who participated in the 2011 student sponsorship program:

Sponsor Students
Dr. James Winterstein James Carroll and Nicole Brod
Dr. John DeMatte Christopher Smith
Dr. Claire Johnson Lesley Wong
Dr. Vince DeBono Brian Hutcheson
Dr. Richard Fay Anastasia Kidd
Dr. Chris Mote Sarah Graef
VP Tracy McHugh Robert McMahon (MT)
VP Ron Mensching Al Gunderson

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