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NUHS celebrates new graduates

by Apr 22, 2022

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National University of Health Sciences came together Friday to celebrate the graduation of students in the chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, oriental medicine, clinical practice and biomedical science programs.

President Emeritus James F. Winterstein, DC, DACBR, who recently had the James F. Winterstein Library dedicated in his honor, served as commencement speaker. 

During his speech, Dr. Winterstein played part of, ‘Is That All There Is,’ a song by Peggy Lee. He gave various examples of how there is often much more to patient encounters than meets the eye and how looking deeper can make a big difference in patients’ lives.  

“This is what it is about, about the misery of others that you will fix,” he said. “Always remember when you take care of your patients, they will take care of you.” 

Dr. Winterstein also recalled his own commencement about 50 years ago, when National University was smaller and the Student Center was just a beanfield at the time. He discussed the meaning of public commencement ceremonies, which have more significance, even legally, than simply receiving a piece of paper. 

President Emeritus James F. Winterstein, DC, DACBR, speaks at the Spring 2022 commencement ceremony.

“It is the beginning,” he said. “A celebration of great accomplishment.” 

Valedictorians from various programs gave speeches offering encouragement to their fellow classmates as they embark on their new careers. They also thanked faculty, clinicians, fellow classmates, along with their family and friends for support over the years. 

Shannon N. Hillsinger, valedictorian of the naturopathic medicine program, called her fellow classmates some of the most compassionate people she had ever met. 

“It is not easy to sacrifice so much of yourself to help other people,” she said. “Never forget that medicine is nothing without humanity.” 

Jade Elizabeth Woodruff, valedictorian of the chiropractic medicine program, acknowledged all the life changes that each student has been through during the pandemic, whether it was getting married, having children or experiencing loss. 

“We have remained resilient and focused,” she said.  

In his closing remarks, Dr. Steifel discussed Greek philosophers who recognized the importance of being able to acknowledge what you don’t know.  

Daniel Strauss, DC, Dean of the College of Professional Studies in Florida, awards the April 2022 Joseph Janse Outstanding Graduate Award to Michael David Sanandajian, who graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

“Remember to continue to have the passion to learn,” he said. “Reaching this level of knowledge, this level of accomplishment, affords you the opportunity as lifelong learners to comprehend what you know and admit to what you don’t.”

Congratulations and best wishes for a bright future to our new graduates! 





Doctor of Chiropractic 

Adam J. Alcantar 

Jeffrey Anthony Augustine 

Reid Barrett 

Autumn Ann Burns 

Landon Burt 

Keegan Conrad 

Thomas Robert Coulter 

Sasha Dahshan 

Bradley Hargis 

Nicole Henry 

Sheng Hua 

Melissa Kroll 

Drew Michael Marcello 

Damian Anthony Mendoza 

Miguel Ángel Merida Esquivel 

Anthony John Micheles 

Elizabeth Northway 

Michael David Sanandajianu 

Brandon Drew Skiles 

Emily Thaden Tripp  

Jade Elizabeth Woodruff 

Anthony Zanayed 

Mohamad Zraik 

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 

Sofia Adams 

Melissa Betance 

Sami Ebner 

Shannon N. Hillsinger 

Brianna Nicole Jones 

Alexandra N. Kamen 

Nina Yayra Nani 

Megha Gokals Sanghi 

Jonathan Tamata 

Kristen Timusk 

Master of Science in Acupuncture 

Shuangjiang Du 

Taylor Hamlin 

Kendrick Oss 

Diana Pedersenu 

Nari Salim 

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine 

Rachael Lynn Breinling Tax  

Master of Science in Clinical Practice 

Tiffanni Kenya Brown 

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science 

Robert W. Hinsberger 

Krisha Wilson-Fridge 

Anisah Yassin 

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