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Forestalling the Flu

by Oct 13, 2017

Well, after years of bragging and developing somewhat of a god complex, I finally succumbed to the constant assault of pathogens. Yeah, it’s astounding, but I got sick. I partially blame the crazy weather we’ve been having. The seasons just can’t make up their minds. It all started with a sore throat and weeks of sneaking suspicions that something was afoot. We all know the feeling, the uneasy feeling during the days and weeks where something just feels off – as if you were in the jungle being stalked by a predatory cat. When the sickness finally hits, it’s almost a relief.


My night time walk to clear my nostrils

I tried all the normal approaches to ameliorating the carnage: mega dose vitamin C (sorry, Dr. McRae, I know it doesn’t help unless you take it every day in perpetuity), Vitamin A, Vitamin D, echinacea, garlic pills, oregano oil, anti-inflammatories, etc. Of course, there’s no cheating destiny… or is there? I did find that the best way to treat an impending flu is a cabin trip and all the festivities that entails. It turns out that copious amounts of adult beverages, smack talk, and poor sleep is the best remedy, or so I thought.


The disturbing face of sickness

It turns out that partying only forestalls the flu, as symptoms are the result of immune intervention. Suppress the immune system enough and voila, hardly any symptoms. You merely become a walking host – a reservoir of pathogens. However, with recovery of the immune system, the flu wreaks havoc with renewed vigor. Which is the situation I find myself in now. Thank goodness our clinician, Dr. Quinlan, is acupuncture-certified and graciously threw some needles in my face to relieve the congestion so I can interact with my patients without sounding like I’m talking through a sock. Be safe out there guys, there’s a virus around every corner.

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