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Empty Nest…SIGH

by Apr 7, 2023

I decided to attend NUHS when my kids were older. Which meant I was older!…LOL! As I am finishing up my second year in the AOM program, my daughter is completing her second year of college, and my son his senior year of high school. I am grateful that he decided to attend the same university as his sister which makes things a bit easier, especially move-in day. My kids attended two different high schools so this will be a reprieve…hopefully. I must admit I am getting somewhat emotional and for a lack of a better word sappy. My plan is to fully be present this summer in their lives and plan a few trips before they leave for college.

Zen 2

It is at times difficult being present while in school or working. As parents we try to provide a better life for our children, but it is the very thing that keeps us from spending as much time with them as we would like. In the summer I will be in Tri 6, which is the halfway mark. Yet a chapter of my life is ending. I mean can I study without chaos? Can I take an exam without a kid popping into my room with an “emergency”? It is difficult to imagine the fall trimester with a quiet home. I didn’t think I would be in school during this phase of my life. I thought I would be close to retiring in the field of education. I got my massage therapy license to fulfill me during my retirement years. Yet as I was seeing various clients, I wanted to offer different ways to help them heal.

What life changes are you all experiencing? Maybe it is taking care of an elderly or ill family member? Or welcoming a new baby? Whatever it is, I am sure through it all you will have the grace and determination to complete your degree at NUHS while being present for friends and family. Let’s remember to hold space for one another as Maya Angelou so eloquently stated, “It takes courage to be kind.” Life doesn’t stop while we are attaining our dreams, and a kind word can help us maneuver through the ebbs and flows of life.

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Monique Carter

Monique Carter

My name is Monique Carter and I am a student in National University's AOM program. I chose this program because the basic tenets of Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs align with a holistic healing process that is steeped in years of tradition and research. I anticipate that learning these skills and applying this knowledge will allow me to help many in need. Starting this journey at the age of 49 has been humbling as well as life-changing, I am excited and grateful!


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