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Graduates MT

Graduates MT

Krista Soli

“Employed at an integrative health clinic, Krista works with acupuncturists, chiropractors, nurses, and psychotherapists. “This is exactly the career I wanted when I went to school. My degree from National definitely helped me get this job.”

Yolanda Schwarts

“My decision to go to NUHS was after much research. I don’t think I could have received the same education anywhere else. For me, National was the top!” After graduating from National, Yolanda began her own massage business in Warrenville, Illinois.

Lisa Patterson, BS, LMT

Lisa runs a successful massage practice and was a recipient of the Mindful Metropolis Reader’s Choice award for “best healing and wellness practitioner.”

Michael Bouvier

“In my business, I’ve been able to interact with many massage therapists who come from other schools. I think National’s caliber is higher. I recommend that people choose National for its anatomy training, the hands-on experience they’ll have, the pathology classes, as well as National’s business program.”

Mark McCray

Mark McCray spent about 12 years as a counselor for the Juvenile Department of Corrections before finding his calling as a massage therapist.

Autumn Hildreth

Autumn Hildreth started the massage therapy program at National University to supplement a future career as a doula, a trained specialist who assists women during the birth process.

Caitlin Spencer

“National University definitely prepared me for the real world of massage therapy. The clinic experience at National is very much what it’s like in a real clinic.”