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Listed below are the scholarship programs offered at National University. If you have questions about any of the scholarships listed or your eligibility for a particular scholarship program, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Incoming Student Scholarships

National University offers several types of scholarships to students of all programs. Some scholarships reward academic achievement, some programs recognize Illinois residents or children of alumni, and other programs assist specialized groups and international students.

NUHS Lombard campus during the day

Current Student Scholarships

National University is proud to offer 34 institutional scholarships, many of which are awarded each trimester. These special scholarships are made possible by the many friends, alumni and supporters of the University. Each scholarship has different criteria and may be awarded based on an evaluation of a student’s financial need, academic achievement, character, extracurricular participation, or special area of interest.

State Association Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to students who reside in certain states.

NUHS Lombard campus during the day

Other Scholarships

Various scholarships from non-NUHS sources.

NUHS Lombard campus during the day

Scholarship Search

Begin your search for scholarships at some of these useful websites.