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NUHS Interns Assist at “Fight for Air Climb”

by Mar 3, 2016

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On February 14th, 2016, interns from both National University’s Aurora and Lombard Whole Health Centers volunteered at the “Fight for Air Climb” in Oak Brook Terrace, IL. The event raises funds for the American Lung Association to provide lifesaving education, research and advocacy to find cures for lung disease.

nuhs interns at fight for air climb
Back row l-r: Mustafa Syed, Lindsey Wienckwoski, Danielle “Ellie” Linscheid,
Dustin K. DebRoy. Front row l-r: Dr. Sonia Joubert, Mary Tonner, Petrina Jackson,
Bertha “Kibo” Jabavu, Elyse Tursi, Alexander Duarte.

The event challenges participants to climb the stairs of the 31-story Oakbrook Terrace Tower once, twice or even three times.

Chiroractic interns provided soft tissue work and stretching to the stair-climbers, their families and other volunteers. Acupuncture and oriental medicine interns provided promotional flyers and invitations to try acupuncture at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard. The interns provided services to over 82 participants. Former alumni from NUHS stopped to visit, and one grad’s spouse participated in the event climbing the tower 8 times in 45 minutes.

Representatives from the American Lung Association have already extended an invitation to National University to continue working together in future events.

“It’s great to offer a wide variety of outreach activities for our interns,” says Dr. Sonia Joubert, supervising clinician at the event. “It gives them a great breadth of experience in both sports medicine and community networking.”


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