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National University Adds Ultrasound Unit

by Jul 1, 2013

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ultrasound unitThe diagnostic imaging department at National University has purchased a diagnostic ultrasound unit for clinical training and patient care at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard. The new General Electric Logiq S7 will allow National University physicians and residents to broaden their diagnostic capability, and will make National one of only two chiropractic schools in the US to offer access to ultrasound imaging.

Michael Fergus, DC, DACBR, assistant professor at NUHS says, “The new machine will be initially used to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries such as internal joint derangement, and certain forms of arthritis.”

Dr. Fergus and members of his department will initially train in using the ultrasound for musculoskeletal diagnoses, and will expand to other applications in the future. “The same machine can also be used as a screening tool for vascular pathologies and some abdominal conditions such as those involving the kidney and gallbladder. ”

Since it uses sound waves to create an image, ultrasound is considered a very safe modality with no radiation concerns. New parents and their families and friends may be familiar with ultrasound images of a fetus, as ultrasound is routinely used in prenatal care.

Dr. Fergus says that for many conditions, ultrasound is becoming a viable alternative to MRI, which is a more expensive procedure. Thus, the clinic hopes to provide a cost-savings to both students and patients who may benefit from diagnosis with ultrasound imaging.

It will take a few months before the clinic will make the unit available for patient cases, since the diagnostic imaging team must first undergo specialized training in the technology. “What’s interesting is that the gentleman who will be training our team over the coming months is Dr. Tom Clark, ” says Dr. Fergus. “Dr. Clark is a National graduate who has been working with ultrasound since the early 1990’s and teaches musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging to physicians, mostly MDs, around the world.”

“We’re excited about introducing ultrasound imaging to our patient care and clinical education programs,” says Dr. William Bogar, chief of diagnostic imaging at National University. “Ultrasound technology is another reason why National University is a great choice for students interested in diagnostic imaging.”

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