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June 27th is National PTSD Awareness Day

by Jun 25, 2012

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June 27th is “National PTSD Awareness Day.” The acronym stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While especially common in post-combat veterans, PTSD can occur to anyone after any life-threatening, terrifying or traumatic event, and can include symptoms such as:

  • Flashbacks-reliving the trauma over and over, including physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweating
  • Bad dreams and frightening thoughts
  • Feeling emotionally numb or feeling strong guilt, depression, or worry
  • Losing interest in activities that were enjoyable in the past
  • Being easily startled or feeling tense or “on edge”
  • Difficulty sleeping, and/or having angry outbursts

Those who suffer PTSD often seek relief in conventional therapies such as psychological counseling and prescription drugs.  However, National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, is recommending acupuncture as a safe, effective treatment for the symptoms of PTSD and urges those suffering with the disorder to consider adding acupuncture to their treatment plan.

Certain acupuncture protocols have proved to be very effective in reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Acupuncture can offer veterans real help in healing psychological and physical trauma so that they can transition back into a more peaceful and satisfying life.

The University’s Whole Health Center in Lombard offers acupuncture treatment for PTSD. Any veteran seeking help for PTSD is encouraged to call for an appointment.

Those with PTSD who visit the NUHS clinic receive acupuncture using the NADA protocol.  This system uses small pellets or needles in key points on the ear. Additionally, patients receive instruction in simple Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements for deep relaxation and a way to deal with stress. Veterans with chronic pain from combat injuries are given “take-home therapy” in the form of acupressure micro-points they can stimulate for quick pain relief.

For more information on health services for veterans, or to make an appointment for PTSD treatment, call 630-629-9664. The clinic is located at the NUHS Whole Health Center at 200 E. Roosevelt Rd., Bldg. B, in Lombard.


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