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Grand Rounds in National University’s ND Program

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At National University of Health Sciences, the naturopathic medicine program’s “grand rounds” is a unique part of the university’s commitment to integrative medicine. Although required for all 9th and 10th trimester ND students, students from the chiropractic, acupuncture and oriental medicine programs are also invited to attend so that they may learn about naturopathic perspectives on patient care.  In addition, any faculty member, or any student in evidence based practice courses at the university, may also attend.

“The weekly grand rounds presentations are given by the ND student interns,” says Dr. Stephanie Draus, the faculty facilitator for grand rounds at NUHS. “When we are able, we also incorporate guest speakers and faculty presentations.” For example, last month’s grand rounds included a presentation on “Integrative care in pancreatic cancer,” by Dr. Khara Lucius, a naturopathic oncology expert at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

“Each grand rounds presentation explores a clinical question,” says Dr. Draus. “The presenter is challenged to go beyond basic research about conditions and treatments and focus instead on the direct application of research information to patient care. We want them to start to look at research the way doctors do when they’re in practice.”

By opening the ND program’s grand rounds to students in other specialties, the university hopes to foster greater understanding of, respect for and future inter-referrals between naturopathic physicians and other health care practitioners.






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