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7D Imaging, Inc. Donates mskNav Diagnostic Ultrasound Software to NUHS

by Nov 17, 2014

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7D Imaging, Inc. recently donated mskNAV musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound navigation software to National University of Health Sciences. The mskNAV software provides 3-dimensional reference guides that illustrate important anatomy landmarks to identify while performing diagnostic ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system. The software has an intuitive interface, along with step-by-step guidance that can be used in training sessions or during live patient exams.mskNav Diagnostic Ultrasound software

NUHS purchased a diagnostic ultrasound unit in 2013 and has been training diagnostic imaging faculty and residents in musculoskeletal ultrasound. The mskNAV software is especially helpful in teaching ultrasound anatomy, technique, as well as musculoskeletal pathology.

“The mskNAV is a hands-on tool to be used in active scanning. The program can either peel away or add layers of anatomy for teaching purposes,” says Dr. William Bogar, chair of the NUHS department of diagnostic imaging and residency. “Each image is labeled relative to its anatomic structures. The software makes a significant difference in the training and educational experience we can provide.”

Mr. Greg Ferri of 7D Imaging, Inc. says: “We’ve donated the software as part of our mission to bring ultrasound to the world. We feel that it is probably the most underused modality for health imaging.”

In fact, the company’s goal is to use some of their profits to subsidize ultrasound education in third world countries. Specifically, it hopes to lower the rate of mortality in childbirth among sub-Saharan African women. They recently donated software to providers in Tanzania, where death in childbirth can often reach rates as high as 25%. With proper third trimester ultrasound scans, high-risk pregnancies can be identified before labor begins, and the mothers sent to hospitals rather than risk traditional home births.

While most people associate ultrasound with prenatal sonograms, the technology is uniquely suited for diagnosis of musculoskeletal injury and disease. NUHS believes that this is the field in which chiropractic physicians have the requisite skills to excel.

NUHS now joins other prestigious medical schools, such as Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Rutgers University and others in implementing mskNAV as part of its ultrasound training.


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